Grandma and Grandpa ‘A’

My Mother’s Mother

She’s my mother’s mother
She only had sisters, not one brother
And when my mother had a little girl
My mother’s mother gave her a whirl

My mother’s mother makes root beer floats
And the ice cream bobs up top like a little boat
My mother’s mother sends Christmas across seven states
My mother’s mother uses colored bowls and pretty colored plates

My mother’s mother trusts entirely in the Lord
And gives him all the glory she can afford
My mother’s mother inspires my heart
To do the same and never part

My mother’s mother has always loved me
My mother’s mother always will be
A woman vastly unlike any other
A woman who is, namely, my very own Grandmother.

What My Grandpa Taught Me

My Grandpa taught me the things
That would help me get through life
He told me over and over to learn every day
Whether the days were good or full of strife

He would take us to the museum
To help along his dream for me
He would let us explore for hours
Or at least until time for tea

My Grandpa made the best popcorn
For every movie and occasionally a game
I love him so much and it strikes me
Nobody’s popcorn’s the same.

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  1. Picture of Jackie Jackie May 18, 2013

    Thank you Miss Miranda. We loved seeing you all again.  Love you B&P

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