Great River Road 02 - Bemidji, MN

The First City on the Mississippi

We kept calling this the “B-town” until we heard someone else pronounce its name.

Drive North?

Bee-midge-ee bills itself as the first city on the Mississippi, but you have to drive north from the headwaters to get there.  One of the first things we have learned about the great river is that it starts by flowing north then slowly makes a right turn to head south.

Paul Bunyan

Bemidji is mainly known for having what the Kodak company once claimed as the second most photographed statues in the USA - that of Paul Bunyan with Babe. Erected in 1937 - I had to work to get my photos because the entire surrounding parking lot and visitor center were closed for construction. I had to cut across two lanes of traffic to find parking and then book it over a busy street to get back.

Curling Capital

Bemidji is also the Curling Capital of Minnesota and has launched quite a few Olympic Curling champions. I saw the sign for the Curling Center and did some nosing around which led to booking us into Curling classes further down the river. Stay tuned on that front.

OK - so I don't always shave when we're on the road.

OK - so I don't always shave when we're on the road.


Other than finding a place to wash the crazy-dirty truck and RV Bemidji was a drive-thru for us.

Total Crossings

Total Mississippi Crossings = 14

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