Great River Road 22 - Lambert’s Cafe, Sikeston, MO

Home of the throwed rolls.

Family History

Years ago my parents told of a place where you had to catch your dinner. We stopped into Lambert’s Cafe - Home of the Throwed Rolls - and added a story to our family history that often gets re-told.

On that visit Harrison - who was like 9 at the time - called for a roll from the thrower who was across the room. Harrison then got distracted and took it in the face. He’s taken heat for that move ever since.



Miranda with her spread - no one goes hungry here.

Miranda with her spread - no one goes hungry here.

A Revisit

When we looked at our trip down the river we saw Lamberts on the list and decided to revisit.

No such fun this time - we all faithfully caught the rolls that were lobbed to us. I did try to get one from a total diagonal across the dining room but the thrower just laughed and came closer.

Ah well.


Lambert’s is also known for their “pass-arounds” - which are dishes that various servers walk around with and pass out if you want. Fried Okra, fried potatos, black-eyed peas, sorgum or apple butter for your roll, etc.

We bought two veggie sampler plates, one plate of fried chicken, and “filled in” (as if that’s a thing here) with the rolls and pass-arounds.

We left with at least two more meals.

Have You Been?

Have you been to Lambert’s?

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