Great River Road 33 - Birthplace of Kermit the Frog, Leland, MS

Like Paul Bunyan, B.B. King, Superman and Popeye - Kermit the Frog has Mississippi River roots.

In addition to being on Highway 61 and part of the “Blues Trail”, this small town of 5K people is also considered home of “The Frog”.

The Frog

No, while the current Muppets show has locals furrowing their brow a little Kermit hasn’t gone all “animal formerly known as Kermit” on us.

Yet, anyway.

In an odd situation (likely created by lawyers) various signs around Leland have Kermit’s name on them while others state Leland as being “The Birthplace of The Frog” - but still able to use Kermit’s likeness.

A Fun And Free Visit

This Roadside America -style attaction has a small display area with a “real” Kermit, signed photos, memorabilia from Jim Henson, a display of donated Muppet memorabilia, a gift shop, restrooms, and a photo op with “The Frog” himself.

Kermit welcoming you to Leland, MS

Kermit welcoming you to Leland, MS

A display with

A display with "Real Kermit".

MsBoyink poses with one of her favorite books.

MsBoyink poses with one of her favorite books.

Sign in Leland.

Sign in Leland.

The Rainbow Connection Bridge.

The Rainbow Connection Bridge.

RV Parking

We drove past the building a block or so and parked alongside Deer Creek Road - across from a trade school.

Did You Know?

Did you know Kermit was a river frog and not a pond frog?

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