Haven’t You Left Yet?

I guess we did a decent job of communicating when we had planned on leaving, because this week the question has gone from “when do you leave” to “haven’t you left yet?”  And no, we have not. We are much closer however.

Over the last few days we’ve:

  • Brought the trailer in for a new set of tires (finding in the process that the original tires on the trailer weren’t of a high enough weight rating to handle the trailer when empty - seems like it shouldn’t be legal to sell that way).
  • Brought the trailer to a local RV shop to inspect the bearings and brakes.  While there we also had them fix the electric element in the hot water heater.  I’m sure I could have figured out the repair on my own but it was just easier to have them throw it on the bill. 
  • Cleared additional stuff out of the shed and garage - most of it just by putting it by the road with a “Free” sign on it.
  • Received the bike cover to protect the bikes when hanging on the back of the trailer.
  • Done additional packing in the kitchen - most of the cupboards are now empty.
  • Added plastic drawers on top of the existing wardrobe in the kids room, secured by tie-downs mounted to the countertop surface.
  • Added small wire storage shelves in the kids bunks to hold a book or two.
  • Done some cooking and baking to both use up supplies and stock the trailer a bit.
  • Adopted out the quadcycle to a friend of Data.
  • Brought the truck in for a unexpected repair of the AC system - it wasn’t switching the vents from defrost to dash.
  • Built a router mount / charging station / backup station / iPhone holder / wiring organizer.
  • Purchased new Bibles for Data & Miranda
  • Purchased some new books, DVD’s and CD’s

Remaining on my list are mainly:

  • Getting my laptop configured for daily use.
  • Figuring what tools to bring and moving some of the remaining tools from the garage to the basement.
  • Making a final decision on wardrobe and moving clothes from house to the trailer.

I think we’re still looking good for a weekend departure.

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