Ho Chin Minh

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Ho Chi Minh was born on May 19, 1890, in then-French Indochina. From 1911-1920, Minh traveled all over the world, ending up in France. He proceeded to join the Communist Party and was appointed a representative of the party, traveling all over the world.

In 1941, Minh traveled to Vietnam, and began leading an independence movement. The movement had several successful campaigns, and they declared Vietnam to be a free country in 1945. The ruling forces didn’t like this, and war increased. A deal was eventually reached with the French, and the Soviet Union recognized the country of Vietnam in 1950. The war, however, continued.

Ho Chi Minh died September 2, 1969, from heart failure. He was 79.

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  1. Picture of Hannah Hannah October 02, 2015

    My husband, our 2 daughters and I were in Vietnam in August, throughout the month the entire country were setting up for big events to be held in September; I wished we had been there for some!

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