New eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel in the USA

Whose state homeschooling laws do you follow as you travel?

We see this question come up time and again. Homeschool laws are handled at the state level. When you combine homeschooling and travel how do you know you are doing it in a legal fashion?


Most homeschoolers are aware of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association - but if you aren’t familiar with them they are:

...a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children and to protect family freedoms. We provide homeschooling-related legal advice and representation to our 84,000+ member families, promote homeschool-friendly legislation at the state and federal levels, and offer information and resources to encourage and support all

The HSLDA has the following position:

If you plan to live in another state for a period longer than a month during the time that public schools are in session, HSLDA generally recommends that you comply with the requirements for home education in that state. This general recommendation applies even if you and/or your spouse pays taxes, own property, and/or have employment in another


As a fulltime traveling family we think that it’s impossible to comply with this position. Some of the questions we have include:

  • What if you get to a state after the school year has started?
  • What if you leave before the school year is done?
  • What if you don’t have the type of records a state requires?
  • How would you stay sane changing your homeschooling requirements 3-4 times a year?

We Got Curious

We wondered - had anyone actually contacted each state and asked them for input on the issue?

We couldn’t see that anyone had.

So we did.

We looked at each of the 50 states, determined who the most authoritative source on homeschooling in that state was, and contacted them for input on homeschooling legally while in their state for an extended period.

Blog Post Becomes eBook

This started almost two months ago as the idea for a blog post. We’ve spent hours researching the homeschooling situation in each state, contacting appropriate agencies or people, and compiling all of those answers together.

Due to the amount of effort we’ve invested we decided to offer the results as an eBook instead. We’re hoping the sheer time savings alone the book represents will make it worth a few dollars to you.


We see a lot of families scared about homeschooling as they travel. We think the content of this book will ease those fears.

Buy It!

We’ve put the book up on a shiny new Shop section of Head over there to buy Homeschool Legally While You Travel in the USA. If you are a Kindle reader you can grab a Kindle version on Amazon.


Standard mumbo-jumbo…The authors are not lawyers. By choosing to read this document you agree that the authors will not be responsible for any errors or omissions, actions, judgements, lawsuits, claims, loss of money or property, or any other damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. We are homeschoolers from Michigan and operate our homeschool in accordance with Michigan law. We recommend you augment our findings in this document with your own research appropriate to homeschooling legally in what ever manner you live.

9 Comments New eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel in the USA

  1. Picture of Huck Huck October 22, 2015

    You guys are awesome!!  Thanks for being such a great resource and encouragement to the community.  Your pricing speaks volumes about your heart….I hope buyers speak volumes of thanks back to you!

  2. Picture of Huck Huck October 22, 2015

    Your generosity reminds me of this guy…

  3. Picture of Jenni Jenni October 23, 2015

    Great idea!  We were never in any one state for quite long enough to warrant notification, but when I ran into that same piece of advice before we hit the road I thought it sounded insane for any family doing this long term.  And honestly, why?  It just makes more sense to me that one should be bound only by the homeschool laws of the state in which you pay taxes and register your vehicles or receive mail.  Why would any state’s homeschool liaison want to deal with a family that is only around for 5 weeks?

  4. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink October 24, 2015

    I can see the idea that you have to obey the laws of the state you’re in for other things - but, yes, what a hassle for everyone involved to do the same for homeschooling.

  5. Picture of Danielle Tate Danielle Tate May 21, 2016

    Thanks for this!! We’re in the contemplation stage of full time rv living and our little guy will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. We’ll be homeschooling but I was curious how it would work across state lines all the time. So glad to find your site.

  6. Picture of Robyn d Robyn d October 12, 2016

    This has been a troubling issue for me. I thought the general guideline was 2 weeks, which made it even worse!

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