How Do Fulltime RVers Take Vacations?

No matter what kind of lifestyle you choose, it’s good to be able to take breaks from it. So as full-time RV’rs, how do we take a vacation?

By renting a house in the ‘burbs…;)

With our oldest now 16 and being that we are in a small community of other camp-hosts MsBoyink and I felt we would be able to leave the kids at the trailer and get away for a night. I initially looked at hotels but then remembered  AirBnB allows owners of private residences (spare rooms or guest houses) rent out those facilities to travelers. It’s a great alternative to boring, expensive corporate hotels. In the past I’ve booked a spare room in Chicago for a business trip and have been part of a group of developers who booked an entire walk-up in Brooklyn while we were in town for a conference.

This time I found a small guest house in Phoenix and booked it for a night. It cost us $67, and included was a bottle of wine, beer, coffee, tea, some fruit and yogurt and even fresh eggs from the owner’s chickens for breakfast. The house was small - just 250 square feet - but it had a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Basically everything we needed just to connect as a couple, watch some movies, drink some wine and eat crackers and cheese in bed.

If you are looking for a cheap getaway or an alternative to hotels be sure to check out AirBnB!

4 Comments How Do Fulltime RVers Take Vacations?

  1. Picture of Steve Steve January 29, 2013

    Found your site again. Interesting your in az.  My family and I are from GR ourselves down here in az as snowbirds for the next couple months.  (In our 30’s)

    I think we know some of the same people in GR.  or at least friend of friend kind of thing.

    Keep telling my wife we need to try the rv thing and travel with the kids 7,5, and 1.

    But we have just been snowbirds last few years but would be interesting to try a 6 month- or year.

  2. Picture of Boyink Boyink January 30, 2013

    Hey Steve - thanks for the comment.  If you are tied into the tech scene in GR at all then we probably do share some contacts.

    Could be a bit warmer here - it’s difficult to gloat when W. MI is warmer than AZ!

  3. Picture of steve steve January 30, 2013

    actually its not tech stuff though I do work from my computer for a living. (internet marketing stuff)

    I think heard of you from my sister who is friends who someone who is friends with you.

    weather is warming up.  Got the right age kids for good exploring the southwest.   

    I think we are more of a florida family for the winters for my age kids.

  4. Picture of Boyink Boyink January 30, 2013

    That’s a hot-spot. There was just a rally of full-time RV’ing families there last week.  Might be us next year - we haven’t explored much in FL.

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