I Hate Running

That title is a bit extreme. I dislike running. I like having run.

I’ve been running for years, on and off. I’ve completed several 5Ks. I get bored running longer than 5K, so that’s my limit.

But I need some form of exercise. I appreciate the simplicity of running, and it can work well with our travel lifestyle.

Recently I had a gap. I hadn’t been running in months. We were new to being in Colorado and the elevation, allergies, and additional responsibilities of camphosting kicked in. Then I made matters worse. I injured a knee rock-climbing.

But, once my knee was happy and allergies weren’t an issue, I reset my “Couch to 5K” app and headed out the door.

I started over.

The first time I went through the entire Couch to 5K program and completed the 5K run, I didn’t run for a while after that. It didn’t seem like the “successful” thing to do.

Successful people don’t restart training programs they just took.

That’s failure.

I should have moved on to running 10K or even 15K.

I had to realize that I wasn’t trying to be a runner. I was just trying to be more fit.

I’d be more fit as a new (again) runner than if I didn’t do anything.

So I started over. It wasn’t failure.

The success was in the restart.

After leaving the camphosting job in Colorado we kinda started over as travelers. Being off the chain was great but camping was tough to find last-minute in Colorado. We headed back south into New Mexico.

We killed time in an uninspiring NM State Park before a planned week camping with friends. NM camping is cheap, but the 100+ degree temps kept us indoors most of the day. Indoors, and talking loudly over the AC that ran from 10AM to 8PM.

We felt a little like frauds, running a website about families having adventures while we sat and stared at screens most of the day.

But I ran there.

Early, before the heat. I found a few photos to take. I looked at the NM hills beyond the lake. I greeted the other runners and bikers out getting their routines in during the cool of the day. 

And I reminded myself that I could still be back in our suburban house, getting up and having basically the same day I’d already had for years.

There is an internet meme that says:

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.

We are not failures.

The success is in the restart.

What do you need to restart today?

Maybe it’s saving money to buy an RV, boat or plane tickets. Maybe it’s researching insurance options. Maybe it’s a training series for a remote-friendly job skill.

Let me know what you’re re-starting and if there’s anything I can do to help.

2 Comments I Hate Running

  1. Picture of Liz @ lizwilcox.com Liz @ lizwilcox.com February 15, 2017

    Wow! I absolutely love love love that quote about the 75 years…never thought of it that way but I am definitely sharing that with my husband and
    Facebook page!

    What am I restarting? Well, I DO love running and just completed a 50 mile race in North Florida. Training caused me to really put off strength training and HIIT workouts. I just got back at it and feel completely out of shape (I know, sounds ridiculous, right?) BUT running at a 14 minute pace is easy for me and HIIT is way hard!
    Thanks for reminding me re-starting is not failure. I think I’ll be hitting the gym with a little more sass tomorrow!

  2. Picture of Larrie Larrie February 19, 2017

    Love that you used running as a metaphor to make your point about restarting. I use it often. I get it and have learned to quit beating myself up about “gaps” in my progress along life’s journey. I’ll catch up with you later if you don’t go too fast (ha).

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