Iowa - State #31

We boondocked in Sioux City, SD following the late night in neighboring Brandon, SD. When looking at the map this morning, we realized we were less than 10 miles from the South Dakota/Iowa border. We’ve never detoured like this before - just to say we had been in a state and to count it - but we so had to do it.

And, you know what? The little corner of Iowa that we drove through looked just like I imagined it would. Corn fields, barns, and silos.

Now, I know other travelers have their own “rules” for counting a state—have to eat in that state, have to overnight in that state, etc—and they may not approve of our quick trip into the state and out. Well, that’s too bad. It’s our trip and we get to do it the way we choose.

So, another state sticker put on the door and another state magnet added to the board.

Detouring in Iowa

Detouring in Iowa

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  1. Picture of Angela KrauseAngela KrauseMarch 11, 2016

    My bio info is similar to yours.  I’m trying to go FT RV in 3-4 years.  I’ve been doing a lot of research, its getting so exciting I want to do it now!

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