Is Colorado Forcing Our Hand?

Before we left on our great adventure, we looked at the large US map hanging on the kitchen wall and realized that we’d pretty much only be visiting the perimeter states around the country (not enough time in a year to visit them all).

That’s pretty much what we’ve done - until now. During our final days in Arizona, Mike expressed his desire/need to go to Colorado. We watched the weather forecasts for the Durango area northward to Grand Junction. Temps looked doable, so we made plans to head that way.

Now, I had already decided that I am a sea-level kinda gal, especially after finding that I tire much more quickly in the mountains. So, I was a bit apprehensive about heading to even higher elevations.

We left Abiquiu Lake, NM by 8:30am and were set up and eating lunch at our new site just north of Durango, CO by 1:00pm. It didn’t take long before Mike had that satisfied “I-am-home” expression on his face. The tree-covered mountains. The river. The smell.

I, too, found the scenery beautiful, but I didn’t have the same feelings about the area as Mike. In fact, I had a couple of days of internal conflict and emotions that I had trouble identifying. It took me a few days to figure it out.

You see, Mike and I have been daydreaming aloud for the past couple of months, and this place gave those dreams/ideas a bit more shape. We don’t think we’ll be ready to call this “adventure” over at the end of September (one year after leaving). In fact, we’re not sure we’re ready to call this adventure over. Period.

We’ve met families along the way that are doing this living-on-the-road thing full time. We’ve connected with a couple of families, in particular, who work as camp hosts in some beautiful campgrounds part of the year. We’re thinking we’d like to try camp hosting. And, after our four night stay at this private park, conversing with the staff and owner, and enjoying the beauty of the area, we’d love to host here for next year’s season. In fact, we will be completing our application over the weekend and handing it in on Monday.

There are still more thoughts and questions whirling through our minds—Where will we go between now and then? What about our Michigan stick-house? How will this affect our kids (because we daydream aloud, we have a good idea of what the kids think about this idea). Etc.

When we left last September for our year on the road, Mike and I were excited about what our family would experience along the way. We were also curious who we’d be after that year. And, although there are several months left in our year, we already know that we are not the same people we were when we left. And, I think that’s a good thing.

A quintessential Colorado view

A quintessential Colorado view

Animas River with snow.

Animas River with snow.

Or maybe this is?

Or maybe this is?

Colorado clouds are dramatic

Colorado clouds are dramatic

View towards Silverton, CO

View towards Silverton, CO

7 Comments Is Colorado Forcing Our Hand?

  1. Picture of Dad B Dad B May 13, 2011

    Crissa, You might feel different once you get acclimated to the higher elevation.  Some people are affected more as they get higher.
    We have friends that work in stores in Silverton for the smmmer months, and then winter in AZ.  When we spent a week at CampHale was at 12,000 ft and I kept waking up because I needed to take deeper breaths at that altitude.  Good to hear your are enjoying your adventures.
    Dad B

  2. Picture of Patrick Patrick May 14, 2011

    If it is forcing your hand, it’s valid and with reason.
    My part of NM is very, very much like that area; one of the reasons I stay.

    As far as the altitude, you’ll acclimate, I prom ise.:)

  3. Picture of Chad Crowell Chad Crowell May 14, 2011

    Be sure to go check out the Durango and Silverton steam engines.

    And, if you get this feeling now, wait until you get to yosemite…

  4. Picture of Boyink Boyink May 14, 2011

    Hey Chad - see latest post..;)

    I expect to be awed by Yosemite - but not moved like I am here.  This area is part of who I am…

  5. Picture of Stephanie Stephanie June 09, 2011

    Colorado looks gorgeous! I hope we have an opportunity to visit there later this year. I’d especially like to see the Denver area.

    Did you also go through Colorado Springs?

  6. Picture of David David June 20, 2011

    After living here in Colorado most of my life, I tend to take it for granted; one thing that has always astounded me is the extreme variety of environments available in the state, from Sand Dunes NP to alpine country to plains. You found one of the most beautiful areas; my wife and I drove through there about a month earlier - I’m wondering if you drove your rig over Red Mt. Pass - the “million dollar highway” - pretty extreme dropoffs…

  7. Picture of Boyink Boyink June 22, 2011

    Hey David -

    No, we didn’t go north of Silverton.  We were originally but there was too much talk of snow and cold temps up that way. 

    I’ve been over that section of road in the past, but riding and driving, but not an RV..;)

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