Jeep and Trailer Sold

This past Saturday we accomplished our most significant step in getting prepared for this trip - selling off the 1964 CJ6 Jeep and 1950 Bantam trailer.  The Jeep I’ve owned for around 5 years - but it had parts from a previous CJ5 that I had owned for 18, and my dad had that one 9 years before me. So I’d been around parts of this rig since I was 9 years old.

The trailer I rebuilt/restored around 8 years ago - it was the civilian version of the classic military Jeep trailer, uses many Jeep parts, and was sold through Jeep dealers for a few years after the war.  When coupled to a Jeep painted the same color it makes for a striking set.

Shown here are the new owners - who drove it a few hours home to Indiana.

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