Leading by Example

In our family discussions about the trip the topic of purging & reducing has come up often - especially since we are in the Christmas season when so much new stuff comes into the house.  It’s understandably hard for kids to conceive of not only giving up their own private rooms but also many of their possessions.

At the same time - I’ve been looking at my own “toys” and trying to figure out where they figure in this whole equation.  Today finally I made a decision that I’ve been bumping into for weeks now.

I’ve decided to sell my Jeep and Jeep Trailer.  There’s a bit of explanation on the the for sale listing - but ultimately it comes down to - for now - wanting to be defined more by experiences than stuff. 

Not to say that I won’t possibly pick up a newer Jeep to tow behind a motorhome, or get into a new project if we come back off the road, but for now I’d like to be a bit lighter when it comes to toy ownership and hopefully incur a bit less debt.

I’m hoping this move will also help show the kids how serious I am about the trip, and how sometimes sacrificing something pretty good is worth being able to do something great.

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