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How often are you in a conversation (online or off) where someone uses those words rather than bigger, longer, faster, heavier?

I noticed this week that any time someone asks for advice on ‘what to buy’ (be it a crockpot or an RV) the advice is rarely ‘less’.

Even in situations where it’s a group of people ostensibly downsizing their worlds enough to be mobile.

Why is that?

Why is it so hard to recommend less?

3 Stages of Less


The Gardners are in the process of downsizing their worlds to fit in an RV. They just had what they are calling Our First and Last Yard Sale.

You can feel the frustration and angst - and we can certainly remember being in that same stage. I got fed up with “Craigslist kids” wanting more photos of a $20 set of speakers and then delivery halfway across town.


I can’t find their names on the site, but the blogging family at https://ourgoodstory.wordpress.com describes what I would call the middle stage of less. They’ve learned that It’s About the People Not the Stuff. Having already downsized enough to get mobile they’ve left a trail of even more stuff as they’ve traveled. I think nearly every RV family we’ve talked with has had a similar experience.


We’d been on the road for over six years - pulling a large fifth wheel. Between kids aging out and moving on and mechanical issues with our truck, we decided to downsize to a Class B Motorhome (aka a campervan).

Ditching the suburbs requires a reframing of your relationship to your stuff. It’ll be harder than you think. In the process you will realize that you define yourself as a person - to some extent - by the stuff you own.

If you get rid of that stuff, who are you?

Do you dare find out?


The last time you asked for advice, what did you hear - less or more?

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