Less than a Week

We’re down to less than a week left before we’d like to be gone. Last night we started sleeping in the trailer, but overall everything is partly done.  We’re partly moved into the trailer.  We’re partly moved out of the house. Every room either looks like this….

Or is completely emptied out.

Between rainy days and colds/allergies we’re not quite moving at the pace we’d like.  The biggest things on my to-do list are:

  • Getting the trailer internet infrastructure mounted more securely.
  • Deciding if the external cell phone antenna I purchased is going to be worth the installation hassle.  I’m told I’ll see as much signal loss in the antenna cable as the antenna offers in gain, yet just can’t believe it wouldn’t be better than the aircard sitting inside the aluminum-framed trailer.  However - I can’t re-purpose the trailer’s tv antenna wiring as it’s a different impedance than the cell antenna uses - so installation will require putting a hole through the trailer exterior somewhere.
  • Getting a charging station setup for all the rechargeable gear we’ll have.
  • Getting the electric element in the hot water heater replaced.
  • Getting the trailer tires replaced and brakes/bearings inspected.

Another reason to stick around just a day or so longer is Artprize in Grand Rapids - a socially-driven art contest with $449,000 in prizes determined by public vote .  We went last year and really enjoyed viewing all the artwork.  This is something we’d surely attend if we ran across it while traveling, so it seems silly to miss it just because it’s local.  Artprize officially starts next Wednesday, so we’re thinking of skipping the busier first-day and attending on Thursday.

We’re also expecting a couple of paychecks that it would be nice to have in the bank before we leave.

At any rate, blogging doesn’t really help get us on the road so I’m off to aggregate more excrement..;)  In another couple of hours we’ll take a break to have our 91 year old neighbor over for dinner.  She’s been a bit of an adoptive grandparent so we want to make sure we get a good visit in before we leave.

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