Lost Satellite Reception

Visited Niagara Falls in the rain. Learned about the Civil War by touring through Gettysburg. Touched a piece of the Twin towers in South Carolina. Carefully walked on ice-covered sidewalks in Atlanta. Drove through Mississippi, noting remaining evidence of Hurricane Katrina. Ate freshly picked grapefruit in Texas’ Rio Grand Valley. Walked through awe-inspiring caverns in New Mexico. Saw my first native Saguaro cactus in southern Arizona. Enjoyed hanging out with new friends in central Arizona. Attended my first Roller derby in Phoenix Arizona. Celebrated my birthday in Silverton, CO. Rode in a Jeep over Fins in Moab. Sat in freezing rain with my extended family to watch a rodeo in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

I was connected through all of this and more.

But, somewhere in Salt Lake City, I lost my satellite reception. I believe it had something to do with staying in a little cabin for an additional five nights while our home was getting a new roof.

I kept looking for it while we drove across Nevada on I-80. No luck.

I was too busy commuting most of the week in San Francisco for business. But, the day we played tourist with the kids, I thought I was re-connected.

Unfortunately, I discovered yesterday that I was still looking for it.

I really hope I find it soon, because I feel a little bit lost and sad without it.


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  1. Picture of Donna Donna June 21, 2011

    Sorry to hear about the satellite issue - hope you get reconnected soon :-)

    I see you all are near one of the places I love best - Yosemite. Try to take in the hike to Sentinel Dome - best view of the Valley.

  2. Picture of Linda Linda June 23, 2011

    I am praying for you today, Crissa.  I am sensing that this is not an issue of technology.

  3. Picture of Crissa Crissa June 23, 2011

    Thanks, Linda. You are sensing correctly. ;)

    Yesterday Mike and I made some decisions and today we are heading into Yosemite, so I’m hoping that helps out a bit.

  4. Picture of Donna Donna June 23, 2011

    I thought of Luke 10:41-42 when I came back to check the comments. Martha felt bombarded by the “many” things - Mary chose the “one” needful thing. Praying for better reception for you.

    Enjoy that beautiful place.

  5. Picture of Crissa Crissa June 24, 2011

    Thanks, Donna, for reminding me that my “satellite reception” works better when I’m plugged in. I’ve been trying to figure things out too much on my own lately.

    Yosemite was beautiful (minus the traffic jams).

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