Skills Learned Through WWOOFing: Making Yogurt

Gallons of goat milk every morning.

Some of the goat milk is for drinking. What about the rest of the milk?

The Process

As I mentioned in a previous post, all goat milk is filtered in the dairy kitchen. After filtering we cool the milk intended for drinking.

We didn’t cool the milk that we needed for other goat milk products. To make yogurt, we:

  • Measure and pour the milk into a double boiler
  • Begin heating it
  • Heat until any bacteria are killed
  • Move pot to cold bath to cool milk before adding the culture
  • We then divide the mixture among the electric yogurt makers (similar to this one)
  • After 12 or 24 hours (depending on customer request) we remove the yogurt from the heating element
  • Yogurt cooked for 24 hours ends up with higher healthy bacteria count and less tartness
  • Package the yogurt into containers for sale
In the kitchen packaging yogurt for resale.

In the kitchen packaging yogurt for resale.


I have a serving of yogurt every morning. I add a bit of brown sugar and whole oats for a filling breakfast.

Due to the healthy bacteria in the yogurt, I stopped taking probiotic pills. I prefer to make my gut happy through the foods I eat rather than through a pill.

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  1. Picture of Jennings lester Jennings lester January 02, 2017

    I really enjoy reading about the different ways of processing goat would I go about buying goat milk here in Tennessee where I live . Haven’t seen it for sale at our local supermarket

  2. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink January 02, 2017

    Hey - thanks for the comment.

    Maybe just try finding a local goat farm?

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