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Rocco Francis Marchegiano, or Rocky Marciano, was born on September 1, 1923, in Brockton Massachusetts. His father worked in a shoe factory, and from a young age, Rocky knew he didn’t want to have a job like that. His first loves were baseball and football. He only took up boxing while in the Army. After short pro baseball stint with a minor league team, he started boxing professionally. He then went on a winning streak that never ended.

After 37 wins, his biggest fight came with former heavyweight champion, Joe Louis. Louis happened to be Marciano’s favorite fighter. After winning in eight rounds, Marciano cried in the locker room.

Marciano finally got his chance at a championship fight in 1952. He won, beating Jersey Joe Walcott. He defended his title six times before retiring in 1956. After his retirement, Rocky spent his time making personal appearances for money. He died in a plane crash due to an incompetent pilot on August 31, 1969.

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