Midwest Caravanning With the Keiters

Ever since we met up with the Keiters in Oregon, Harrison and I have been affectionately referring to them as our brother and sisters. During the past few weeks, I have noticed that not only do we refer to them as that, but that we all act like it, too.

The Keiters came to visit us a couple weeks ago in Dutch Treat. It took us only a couple seconds to get reacquainted. We didn’t have a lot of time to spend together that night, but the Keiters came with us to church in the morning. Harrison and I took great pride in introducing them to all of our friends at church. After church, Harrison and Joel ran off to shoot some more shots of their Lego stop-motion moving they had been putting together separately. It was almost time for their two Lego people to meet.

During that week, there were several trips to Timbertown, the big wooden playground down the street. We enjoyed playing ‘Ninja School’ where I got kicked out by Joel.

We also went downtown another day and had fun being able to enjoy all the shops that had been closed on Sunday. Of course we ate out at 8th Street Grille, and there was a trip to The Holland Peanut Store, and Reader’s World. Joel and Harrison left us for most of the portion as well, walking around doing more filming. Joel took off his flip-flops and walked around barefoot most of the time. Apparently Holland streets look cleaner than they actually are.

We all had a lot of fun in Holland for about a week or so. Then it was time for the Keiters to head over to DC, where they were going to continue the last portion of their year-long trip. Our initial plan had been to go south, but my parents talked it over, and we decided to go to DC with them (To which Mrs. Keiter yelled “WOO-HOO!”).

Our first day was a long 7 hours. Even though the Boyink-mobile left before the Keiters, we passed them a couple times on the highway before ending up in a parking lot. We ate out at Cracker Barrel that night. I had a lot of fun beating Kristin, Emily, and even Harrison at checkers. Joel just stood by and watched.

When leaving Cracker Barrel, I was carrying Emily, Harrison was trying out his new harmonica, and Kristin and Joel were laughing up ahead, and I felt happy. It was just a truly happy moment. I had another older brother (who acted more like a twin then an actual older brother) and two younger sisters. How could I not be happy?

The next day was a long 8 hours, and we arrived at Cherry Hill RV Park pretty exhausted. All we were doing was sitting in a seat, but that can become tiring after a little while.

For the next several days, on and off sometimes, we toured through DC, enjoying the Smithsonian museums a lot, and the presidential monuments. We went on a tour through the Capitol, which was very interesting. The exact opposite of what I thought it would be.

The nights that we had together were spent with the parents in our trailer, and the kids in the Keiter’s trailer. We played Apples to Apples, Killer, Rich Man Poor Man, and Monopoly. The boys watched a lot of Doctor Who, and us girls would watch some of the movies from our collection.

All in all, it was a really fun week. Now I’m just back down to one older brother and myself. It’s pretty lonely, but I’ll be busy again when we reach Farhaven. And maybe after the farm, we can go to Florida to visit the Keiters again!

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  1. Picture of Kevin Keiter Kevin Keiter November 27, 2013

    I think I can comfortably speak for our family in saying how amazing a blessing it has been for our family to have joined yours.  We knew spending this year on the road would bring many new experiences and the chance to meet new friends.  What we didn’t expect was to grow so close to another family and to have learned so much in our time together.

    We are truly blessed and will be saying prayers of appreciation for our new family this Thanksgiving!

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