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Adventure has different faces. For some, it’s riding a bike across an entire continent. For others, it’s rowing across the Atlantic.

And then there are families that ditch the suburbs to live on the road, cramming life into small boxes on wheels.

From our perspective as one of those families, putting “living in an RV” along side of people who climb mountains and run ultra-marathons feels a bit like an episode of Sesame Street’s “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other”.

We’re not all runners.

Or ocean-rowers.

Or mountain-climbers.

It’s easy to read their stories and start talking in yabuts.

You know yabuts right?

Yea, but I’m 50 and have knee issues.”

Yea, but we have 5 kids.”

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Yea, but our finances aren’t great.”

Yea, but my wife/husband/kids would never go along with that.”

Yea, but we’re so involved in our local school/church/little league/soccer.”

We aren’t those people either. But we found a way to have adventure while raising kids and working fulltime.

We chose to move into a house on wheels. We realized we could change our location while still working and schooling. This way we could see more of the USA than most families see on the 4-5 vacations they squeeze in before the kids leave home.

Other families choose sailboats. Or global traveling.

So check out our feature on MightyGoods.com. Read some others. Figure out what your tolerance for inconvenience is.

And go find the face of adventure you can speak to.


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