Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day:

It started with breakfast prepared by my daughter (who knew her eggs are much tastier than mine).

We packed up the truck and drove from Durango to Colorado Springs. The drive was beautiful.

We arrived at the our friends’, the Keiters, house mid-afternoon. After uploading the truck, the adults headed out for a walk.

I enjoyed an extremely tasty dinner prepared by the kids and Kevin Keiter.

After dinner, the Mother’s Day gifts were presented to both Jenny and I (Miranda knitted me a hat that matches my coat - I love it).

The highlight of day was a Mother’s Day video that all the kids have been working on in secret for the past week and a half. Miranda wrote the song, all three girls sang the song, Harrison mixed the audio, and Joel put together the video. They even involved my mother for a couple of pictures of me from early life.

I may have shed a tear or two while watching it.

Thanks for the Mother’s Day gift Miranda, Harrison, Joel, Kristin and Emily.

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2 Comments Mother’s Day

  1. Picture of StacyStacyMay 16, 2016

    What an absolutely precious Mother’s Day gift.

  2. Picture of Linda BowshierLinda BowshierMay 17, 2016

    Thinking of doing this!

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