National Zoo

The kids and I hit the metro at 9:30, waiting to leave until the price dropped. Data is our metro-ticket man (he carries our tickets and passes them to us when needed) and he is very conscious of our travel time.

For today’s trip to the zoo, we had to transfer from the yellow metro line to the red metro line. The transfer went off without any issues. The only thing I didn’t care for was the amount of time we had to spend underground for this.

When we made it to the “zoo” stop, we rode the longest escalator I’ve ever seen back up to the street level. It literally took minutes to ride to the top.

The National Zoo

Data’s favorite exhibit was the small mammals house. In it we saw shrews, tamarins, sakis, meerkats (the favorite, by far), red panda, some very colorful squirrels, and more. We had planned to return after 2:00 for an animal demonstration, but decided to head out of the zoo about this time.

I really enjoyed watching the Asian Elephants (we ate our packed lunch on a shaded bench nearby) and the Panda Bears (It was TianTian’s 12th birthday today, and he was enjoying a panda popsicle (frozen square of water/apple juice with fruit slices). He was great fun to watch.

Miranda’s favorites were the red pandas, pandas, meerkats, colorful squirrel, elephants…  (she especially liked the pandas, though).

Before leaving the zoo, we stopped at the gift shop so Miranda could buy herself a panda bear (like she really needs another stuffed animal, lol). Then, since I promised the kids ice cream, I treated the kids to some Dippin’ Dots. The kids seemed recharged after that (we were all very hot and sweaty by this point in the afternoon).

Our ride “home” was rather uneventful, as well (thank goodness). When we arrived in our room, we all took a quiet time (me napping and the kids watching Animal Planet). Mike arrived shortly after 5:00.  We walked a few blocks for pizza, returned for a swim and a shower, and Mike and kids are finishing up a friendly game of Skit Skat.

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