Our Roller Derby Team

We extended our second stay at Usery Mountain Recreational Park when we found out there was a Roller Derby scheduled nearby on Saturday evening. Attending a roller derby was on our odd-ball list of things-to-do while on this road trip.

Arizona Derby Games

When we arrived at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, we discovered we’d be seeing two games of the Arizona Derby Dames.

The first bout pitted the Hot Shots against Seattle’s Tilted Thunder Rail Birds. We watched the skating / blocking / jamming skills of players like Ellie Mayhem, Cruella Demille, Piston Vinegar and Creep Suzette.

During the second bout the 2010 Champion Coffin Draggers faced off against the Bombshells. These women were very competitive—but, what do you expect with names like Gingermortis, Cannibelle Corpse, Reese Killersoon (Coffin Draggers) or Lady Lawless, Emma Grenade and HollyHood (Bombshells).

Inspiration Struck

Our family was so inspired by the winning Hot Shots and Coffin Draggers that we decided to form our own team.

Ar-Vee Draggers

These RVers are one road-tripping team. But, don’t take their American family image for a weakness because that’s when these fierce road warriors will attack!

Tonight’s Line Up:

  • Blackwater Boyink, #2 - Captain
  • Wheelchock Willie, #5th - Co Captain
  • Hitch B**ch, #110% - Pivot
  • Slideout Suicide, #911 - Jammer

Tonight’s Featured Skater: Ar-Vee Draggers #911

Slideout Suicide is the fastest jammer around. It seems like—no—she HAS eyes in the back of her head.

“If she winks her right eye, we know that the opposing jammer is coming up behind us.”  Wheelchock Willy

Slideout Suicide says that “if you put your whole heart into the game and have at least ten die-hard fans in the stands, you are sure to win.”

Now that you’ve been introduced to our team, I recommend that you strap on your seatbelt. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Ooh look out for #2!

Ooh look out for #2!

Willie stop you from moving?!?

Willie stop you from moving?!?

Think you got clearance? Slideout will knock you out!

Think you got clearance? Slideout will knock you out!

The Hitch B**ch will hook you up.  With pain.

The Hitch B**ch will hook you up. With pain.

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You Think That’s Funny?

Yeah - we also like Dump Station Yoga and writing Love Letters to Wifi.

Have You Ever Jammed?

Roller derby - is it good clean fun or kinda entertaining in the way that pro-wrestling is?  Let us know what you think…

8 Comments Our Roller Derby Team

  1. Picture of davidl340 davidl340 April 20, 2011

    funny stuff

  2. Picture of Rick Rick April 20, 2011

    Tweet regarding some “x” font now makes sense.  Love this post!

  3. Picture of Crissa Crissa April 20, 2011

    There has been an addition to tonight’s line up:

    Rotten Apple, #23 - Hometown Blocker

    (Now you’re an official part of our team, MB)

  4. Picture of Rotten Apple Rotten Apple April 22, 2011

    So honored!!!! And, as I am getting leaner, I should be getting meaner (as if!).

  5. Picture of Stephanie Stephanie April 26, 2011

    I am totally laughing. You guys are awesome. I love that your family is having so much fun on this grand adventure.

  6. Picture of Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller June 18, 2011

    THAT is awesome.  I wanna see the fishnets! ;)

  7. Picture of Valerie S. Valerie S. April 21, 2015

    I LOVE this idea.  (I have wishes for a real team of made up of full timers who caravan around and crush little girls in small towns.) This is a good second. Now get out there and get some bruises on yer butts!

  8. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink April 21, 2015

    Crushing little girls? ;)

    We’ve got our sights set on the people who dive in front of you in traffic and take all your “safe stopping distance”...;)

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