Organizing the Class B: Clothes

We recently downsized from a 34’ fifth wheel to a 19’ Class B Campervan we named ‘Sally’. We’re slowly organizing and optimizing the small space and we’re sharing our tips here in a new series.

Long & Tall

Our Class B campervan “Sally” isn’t short on storage space. Mike and I each have a small cupboard and a generously-sized wardrobe for our clothes.

Even with that space, during the first week of living in the B I may or may not have had a “little” meltdown about my clothes.

Clothes Crises of a Different Sort

My clothes were all shoved into my cupboard. I tried to keep them organized. All tshirts along the right in front. Long johns in the back. Underthings stacked nicely on the left.

Yet, every time I pulled something out, at least three other things fell out with it. If living in a tiny “home” was going to be this way, we may need to find those “RV for Sale” signs again.

Sensing my frustration (it wasn’t hard), Mike went into research mode and found a solution. 

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are like soft-sided zippered “drawers” for clothes. They are mostly used in luggage or backpacks, but can work in any small or awkwardly-shaped space.

Like 22 year old Class B campervans.

We had to find a set that fit Sally. The opening to our clothes cupboards are only 4 inches tall. But there’s a taller space behind that narrow door. Kinda like the Tardis - looks smaller on the outside than the inside.

Add to Cart

Mike found a set of packing cubes on Amazon that contains 4 different sizes along with a small laundry bag. The cubes are all 4” tall so they fit through the narrow door and then can stack in the cupboard. We each picked a different color and ordered a set.

A few days later I emptied out my cupboard and organized my clothes into the different cubes.

Sanity Returns

Now when I want a pair of socks, I pull down the appropriate cube, select a pair of socks, zip the cube back up and put it back in the cupboard. No long johns, tshirts, or bras falling on my head while I search for my socks.

We’re still figuring out the best laundry day process. So far we’ve put clean clothes back into the laundry bags and re-assemble the cubes once out in the van. We could just bring the packing cubes into the laundromat with the dirty clothes, and put them all back together there once all the clothes are clean.

Living Tiny?

How do you keep clothes organized in a small space?

More Class B Organization

Here’s how we organized other areas of the Class B:

8 Comments Organizing the Class B: Clothes

  1. Picture of anita dickinson anita dickinson May 18, 2017

    Love reading about how you are adjusting to Sally. I haven’t written since I saw you, but I have been reading your and Michael’s posts.  :)    In our motorhome, I’ve been using plastic bins in the upper cabinets to organize our clothes. Your packing cubes sound perfect for the class B. 

  2. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink May 18, 2017

    @The Tamale - for $28 on Amazon you don’t have to be jealous..;)

    @anita - Good to hear from you! We’ve a bunch to do on Sally yet. Hoping for some paint recovery and touch up soon.

  3. Picture of Pam Kaufman Pam Kaufman August 03, 2017

    My 15 year old daughter gives your blog an A++ for mentioning the TARDIS lol!  But seriously, great storage ideas for small spaces.

  4. Picture of JD JD August 08, 2017

    would like to see pix of the clothing cubes in action - cannot picture it from your description of how it works in your closet Thanks!

  5. Picture of Boyink Boyink August 08, 2017

    JD - the cubes just stuff into the overhead compartments.

  6. Picture of Marie Taylor Marie Taylor September 03, 2017

    Seriously brilliant!

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