Editors Note: We're blogging through We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel.

Palestine was a region that occupied what is now Israel and Jordan in Asia.

In 1976, on March 30th, Israeli police decided to confiscate Palestinian territories, using them for Jewish settlements. The Palestinians rebelled against this unfair treatment, and strikes and marches were held all over the region. Instead of sending in police, as such incidents usually called for, Israel sent in an army, because Palestine was recognized as enemy territory. In the inevitable confrontations, six Arab citizens were killed, at least a hundred wounded, and many hundreds of others arrested.

Many people braved the gunshots and ran to help their neighbors as they were shot going outside of their houses. There were checkpoints at all the entrances to the villages, and no ambulances could get through to save the injured.

Nowadays, March 30th is called “Land Day” - the first time Palestinians gathered together and defeated Israeli forces. It is not only celebrated by the people living in Israel and Jordan, but also all over the world, such as in Gaza and the United States. Land Day is a day of victory for them.

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