Pass Mountain Descriptions

The other night we somehow got on the subject of Ray Bradbury - who happens to be my favorite author. I was telling the kids that one of the reasons I like reading his work is that he describes things like no other author I know. We talked about how different authors could describe the same thing differently so decided to try an experiment where we all wrote a description of the same thing.

Since we have this large mountain outside our window it made a good subject for the experiment. Below are the results from each family member:


A milk-chocolate Gulliver-mountain with a butterscotch scar rising over green-robed Saguaro captors lifting their arms in triumph.


Pass Mountain is a big and beautiful lump in the middle of a desert. Its majestic upheaval certainly induces some wonderment and awe. The mottled brown and green band of tuff that marks the summit is most definitely the biggest difference that defines this landmark. Washes cut deep gashes all along the mountain. They run in seemingly unplanned crisscrosses all around Saguaros, those Great Green Giants, dot the landscape like thumbtacks, holding every piece of the mountain together.


once self-conscious of her scar, she now wears it as a mark of distinction
complexion of freckles and wrinkles, keeping her age a mystery
stature dwarfed by the sister standing in the distance
loved and respected by her daily visitors


It towers over the valley, this mountain. It’s ragged, like a preschooler with ADD was given a pair of scissors and the land east of Mesa and told to have fun. This same preschooler seems to have been given a bag of saguaro seeds, and started to throw them all over the mountain, but got distracted halfway up with a orange-green crayon, which he then scribbled across the face. This preschooler left to construct the Superstitions, but Pass Mountain remains.

Pass Mountain at full moonrise

Pass Mountain at full moonrise

Pass Mountain behind a Saguaro skeleton

Pass Mountain behind a Saguaro skeleton

Pass Mountain behind us

Pass Mountain behind us

3 Comments Pass Mountain Descriptions

  1. Picture of Jon L Jon L January 10, 2013

    For some reason this reminds me of a “typical” homeschool family. Not forced into the standered box, they are encoraged to come up with their own, and beutiful ones at that. (Did I spell that right?)

  2. Picture of Christine Christine January 29, 2013

    I LOVED Harrison’s description.  What a fun project.  I’m working on getting my son to write descriptively, definitely going to do this.

  3. Picture of Boyink Boyink January 29, 2013

    Thanks Christine - it was fun for some of us…;)

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