Pocahontas State Park, Richmond

Tonight we wrap up a few days at the Pocahontas State Park outside of Richmond, VA.  We’ve had a great few days here with sunny days, campfires, bike riding, and brilliant sunsets. 

As a pre-teen I was heavy into BMX bikes - not racing but just running around the neighborhood on with friends.  We built our own bikes, buying parts with saved allowances and modifying bikes that had formerly had banana seats and chrome fenders with new handlebars, knobby tires, and number plates (you had to have a unique number among your friends, I was “9”).

Somewhere as a teenager I got tall, and could no longer fit on a 20” BMX bike.  Having no other alternative I moved on to road bikes and at age 16 bought a new Bridgestone 12 speed (a few years back I pulled that bike out of storage and it’s what is hanging off the back of the trailer on this trip). 

What I somehow missed was the whole mountain bike thing - while MsBoyink and I actually owned a couple when we first got married we never actually rode them off-road, and I thought they made terrible road bikes (I got talked in a small frame so was always riding hunched over).

All this to say - this weekend Data and I rode some of the mountain bike trails here in the park, and I had a blast.  Data was on his mountain bike, and I was rockin’ the $80 Wal-Mart women’s comfort bike that MsBoyink rides (figuring it was a better choice than my skinny-tired road bike).

The trails were twisty, turny, with logs and rocks and dips and whoop-de-doos and I haven’t had that much fun on a bike since I was the wheelie king of Edmeer Street in Holland, MI.  We were out for almost 3 hours and hardly touched the available trails here in the campground.  At one point we were trying to figure out where we were on a map and a knight in shining armor came to our rescue. Well, maybe his armor didn’t shine, and maybe he wasn’t a knight, but he was dressed in a medieval outfit and carrying a wooden sword and shield,  He also had big wide-eyes that, along with the hood, made think of Marty Feldman in Bride of Frankenstein.  We also saw an archer, and on riding out a sign with the word “Valor” on it - we assumed a re-enactment of some sort was going on.  I think Data and I were just too surprised to think to ask the guy about it or grab a photo. 

I came back exhausted (and am still feeling it today).  Data did great on the ride and loved it as well- only once did I see an endo start but he quickly corrected.  Otherwise any time we were in the campground and he wasn’t doing chores, eating, or schoolwork he was rolling back into the woods on his bike.

MsBoyink has been wanting a better bike and I think we may look for a true mountain bike in a size that works for both of us.  With the quad-cycle project all done I think this may be the father-son hobby I’ve been looking for.

Still great fall color.

Still great fall color.

MsBoyink liked the Shrooms.

MsBoyink liked the Shrooms.

Mountain biking with Data

Mountain biking with Data

Data finds the tiniest frog.

Data finds the tiniest frog.

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  1. Picture of michelle michelle October 31, 2010

    If you are ever back in MI again Fort Custer has the BEST trails for mountain biking. Intense, but very “doable” and FUN!

  2. Picture of michelle michelle October 31, 2010

    Uh…not sure how Ms Boyink will like them though ;)

  3. Picture of MsBoyink MsBoyink October 31, 2010

    Uh…MsBoyink won’t be joining the boys on the true mountain bike trails. I did ride on one trail on our first day here, and that was enough for this old body. ;)

  4. Picture of Jeff G Jeff G October 31, 2010

    Mike which trail system did you ride?  The Mountain Bike trails or Lakeview?  Both are a blast.  Will you all be around next Friday?  I will be in town.

  5. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink November 01, 2010

    Hey Jeff- we did the Lakeview trails but I wasn’t always sure where we were at. The Maps and trail markings could be improved.

    My class runs through Friday and we’ll be in the area until the 9th. We’ll figure out a time to grab a beer.


  6. Picture of Mattaponi Mammy Mattaponi Mammy November 18, 2010

    Oh…..glad you did get to stay at Pocahontas. VA State parks are great. If you’re headed south, I would also recommend State Parks in South Carolina (Huntington Beach is a favorite near Myrtle Beach), Hunting Island near Savannah, Ga. If you are looking for a place near Atlanta, GA, Stone Mountain and past Atlanta headed to Chatanooga, Tn, I recommend Red Top Mt. Florida? Hard to get in this time of year, but Bahia Honda is awesome.

  7. Picture of Boyink Boyink November 19, 2010

    Thanks…we will be in the Atlanta area just after the new year. Between now and then down through the Carolinas and southern GA.

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