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Psycho is a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960. Janet Leigh starred as Marion Crane, and Anthony Perkins played Norman Bates.

Marion Crane steals 40,000 dollars from her boss, planning on giving it to her boyfriend, Sam, since they are tight on money and he wants to marry her. On her way back to Sam, she stops at a motel to spend the night. The hotel owner, Norman Bates, invites her to join him for a meal. He lives at the motel with his mother. After Marion eats with Norman, she decides to turn around and return the money to her boss. That night, she showers and is killed in the shower by a female figure. Norman sinks all of her possessions in the lake, including the 40,000 dollars. Marion’s sister gets worried after not hearing from her and asks Sam where Marion is. He doesn’t know, so they hire a detective to find Marion. He traces her to the motel and searches it, but is killed by the same female figure who killed Marion. Lila and Sam come to the motel, where they meet Norman. When Lila asks if her sister is still at the motel, Norman knocks out Sam. Lila hides in the cellar, where she is terrified to find the skeleton of Norman’s mother, Norma. Norman is convicted of killing both Marion and the detective, dressed up as his mother.

Janet Leigh, who played Marion, says she never wanted to take a shower after the movie was shot. She only showered when she had to, and always locked the doors and windows beforehand.

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  1. Picture of Eric Eric April 19, 2015

    What a classic movie, and amazing how the actress that got it in the shower was so deep into the role that it scarred her mentally for years afterwards!

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