Quick Stop in the Windy City

The kids and I recently finished our Zoology unit on Sea Creatures. When we began the unit last fall I told the kids we would take a field trip to Shedd Aquarium.

Last month Mike signed up to attend an EE meet-up in Chicago. We decided to combine the two events and take a trip to the Windy City.

We left our car at the train station in Michigan City and rode the commuter train to our stop in Chicago. We exited the train, walked about 0.2 mile to our hotel, dropped off our things, then headed the 0.5 mile to Shedd Aquarium. We spent a few hours enjoying the sea creatures and watching the Fantasea production.  When the building began feeling a little cramped, we left and took a walk.

Across the street from our hotel was a great art piece entitled Agora.  The kids enjoyed being part of the work.

We stopped in at a great restaurant for dinner before walking back to the hotel. Mike headed out to his meeting and the kids and I hung out in the room, reading books and watching TV (quite a treat, since we don’t watch it at home).

This morning we headed back to Shedd’s for another couple of hours to see the portions we didn’t catch yesterday. We left about the time the place started filling up.  Another delicious meal (this time at Yolk) before checking out of our hotel and heading to the train station.

It was a great quick trip. We bought a family pass to Shedd Aquarium and hope to do make a few more trips like this in the summer.

Approaching Shedd

Approaching Shedd



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