Richard Nixon Back Again

Editors Note: We're blogging through We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel.

Richard Nixon was born on January 9th in 1913.

When Nixon was 25 years old, he was cast in a play where he met his future wife, Pat Ryan. They dated for two years before Ryan agreed to marry Nixon. They had two girls, Tricia and Julie.

While Dwight Eisenhower was president, Nixon served as his vice president.

When Nixon was 47, he tried for president but lost the election to John F. Kennedy.

Two years after Kennedy took office, he was shot, and Lyndon Johnson was elected president. Johnson served for six years before he died, and Nixon got back into the election. He beat his other contenders in a landslide and served as president for five years before being the first president ever to resign from office. After the Watergate Scandal, a couple Senators and a Congressman told Nixon that he had nearly no support in Congress to win the election, and so he resigned.

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