Robot Turtle

While biking in Florida I came across this empty baby turtle shell. I’m guessing the occupant was someone’s ‘to-go’ snack. Having seen some really cool artwork that integrated real animal or insect parts with man-made pieces I decided to try something myself.

The shell I soaked in Borax and scraped out as best I could. Once it aired out for a few days the fishy smell went away.

Finding legs was the first puzzle - nothing I had looked right. I finally dug out an old tuner from a radio I had gutted and noticed the tuner plates were vaguely the shape of sea-turtle flippers, so those were in.

A vaccuum tube seemed a perfect head. A spring for a tail. A large gear seemed right because turtles go slow.

Did you know taking a Dremel to a turtle shell makes a smell roughly like your teeth make when getting worked on a dentist’s office?

You’re welcome.

A robot turtle crafted from a baby turtle shell and reclaimed electronic parts.

A robot turtle crafted from a baby turtle shell and reclaimed electronic parts.

Rear view

Rear view

I added what you can call either a large gun (so getting eaten won’t happen again) or a jet pack for when the schedule demands a bit more speed.

I finished it out by packing it solid of wood putty and giving it all a few coats of polyurethane.

I did the turtle as a gift for our traveling friends - so it’s off to live on a bus now.

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