Round 3 of RV Research

For round 3 of our RV research we headed to TerryTown RV in Grand Rapids.  Our intent was to:

  • View a couple of used travel trailers they had in stock
  • Look at some Class C options

We were greeted by yet another helpful and pleasant without being pushy salesperson - that we’ve had 3 good experiences on RV dealer lots is an encouraging sign.

We went through the used trailer that was still unsold - a 30 footer with no slide, in nice shape, with a new dealer installed roof for $6500.  We could almost imagine ourselves going this route.  But stepping from that to a rig with a slide-out was like night and day.  We toured a fair number of trailers again, and took special interest in a remaining ‘09 model Jayco trailer.  It was a 32’ rear bunkhouse model that they would sell for around $18.5K with tax/title/license/plates/hitch setup included.  If we financed through them with 20% down the monthly payments would be around $155/month.  This seems so close to the interest-only route on a home improvement loan that it almost seems silly not to do.  The Jaycos have a 2 year warranty - between that and the slide the deal seemed very attractive.  We left feeling almost on the brink of jumping on it - as in the spring those sorts of deals will be scarce.

After getting home and thinking about it however it seemed like we were literally “putting the cart before the horse”.  I don’t want to buy a trailer when I don’t have a tow rig capable of pulling it home.  And there is quite a difference between $6500 and $18K - the older trailer would need some serious repair work before the costs would even begin to line up.

So after more discussion and thinking we decided that the timing was just not right.  We want both the rig and the timing to be what we want, vs. buying on someone else’s schedule and then having to arrange storage and transport of a trailer I’m unable to tow.

Class C?
We visited our accountant today, who threw some additional wrinkles into the equation.  Since I will be working out of whatever we buy, there will be tax deductions available.  Were we to go the Motorhome route, a bigger portion could be deducted since it would be our primary living and driving rig.  That, together with some photos Crissa found where people were redecorating some RV’s have us looking again at Class C options. 

If we found a Class C with a queen size bunk and a rear bedroom, we’re thinking the rear room might possibly be converted to a bunkhouse - with beds for the kids and (ideally) a spot for a small desk for me.

Oooh so many options!


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