Video Tours from Fulltime RV Families

Get a tour of the Boyink rolling house and the RVs of other fulltime RV families.

We’ve been in our current trailer for just over 2 years and realized we never did a video tour of the inside. Today we’ll correct that and link you to a few other tours from fulltime RV families.


Our current trailer is a 2014 Wildcat 312BHX. It’s 34’ long and weighs ~9000 lbs empty.  You can read more about it here.


Many families choose to paint & remodel the insides of their rigs - we haven’t done much along those lines. Most RVs are ‘all brown all the time’ but ours also had some graphite gray in the color scheme. After we added some dark red furniture it felt quite homey.

We’ve put some decals on the walls (the tree in the video), put our magnet collection up, and some throw rugs on the floor.

Many of the original RV pleated shades have broken (the strings fray and then break), so we plan to replace those with more traditional curtains soon. We intend to add more colorful curtains than the original taupe-ish colored ones.  Expect a blog post out of it (should be interesting since neither one of us sews).

Video Tours

On to the videos - the first 4 are our trailer, then there are videos from other fulltime RV families.

Tour of the Ditching Suburbia RV - main living area.

Here's the Ditching Suburbia bunkhouse.

Here's the Ditching Suburbia bathroom.

And the Ditching Suburbia Master Bedroom

Get a tour of a fifth wheel that this family of six lives in fulltime. They blog at

A tour of an Airstream that houses three. Their website is

This family of 5 (or possibly six by now) are also in a 5th wheel. They blog at

Think your family is too big to take on the road? Check out this rig from the Ticknor Family who travel with 8 of their 12 children.

Here's a tour of the fifth wheel owned by the Lundy Family - who have 3 children now all teens.

Another fifth wheel tour by a family of 6. They have a website at

Why A 5th Wheel?

If you are curious why we (and so many other families) chose a fifth wheel you can read more about why we choose a fifth-wheel trailer to live in as a family.


You can peruse a list of all of the stuff we fulltime RV with.


You can also read about some of our storage and organization hacks for fifth wheel trailers in order to stow that stuff neatly.

Have a Tour to Share?

If you have a tour of your own rig to share let us know in the comments below!

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