Scottsdale Week 2

Our second week in Scottsdale was a busy one and not the type of busy that leads to a great blog post with a number of photos.  Week one was me teaching a class, and week two was playing host in a new class for a different round of students.  MsBoyink helped on the business side by finding restaurants for lunch and helping coordinate after-hours activities. 

Besides the class work MsBoyink and the kids did some library visits, found deals at a bookstore going out of business, took some slow time at the trailer, and met a local homeschooling family at the local sports park.

Our second week at WestWorld was much quieter with just some small horse-related events going on.  Overall it was a good choice, allowing us to stay “at home” while running our classes, close to all essentials, and reasonably priced. 

We’re not quite done here in the Phoenix area so last Saturday we hitched up and went back to Usery Mountain county park for another week.  During that time we’ll get some truck maintenance done, get caught up on client projects, get the kids in for their first outsourced orthodontist visit, and connect with the family on the road that has a host job at Usery.

Another pretty sunset.

Another pretty sunset.

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  1. Picture of Stephanie Stephanie April 26, 2011

    Wow. That picture is spectacular!

    I’m hoping to find a good used bookstore on the east coast this spring. We need to add a bit of variety to our children’s book collection.

  2. Picture of boyink boyink April 26, 2011

    Don’t overlook libraries - they often have used books for sale.

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