Serendipity and the World Trade Center Procession

After crossing the NC/SC border, we decided to eat lunch at a visitor center right off the highway.

As we drove past the Car parking lot, we drove past two police cars, a Ranger pickup, and a semi truck with an open flat trailer, followed by two more police cars. As we passed the procession, I read the sign on the truck. “Steel from the World Trade Center,” the sign said.

Boyink quickly parked the truck in the semi parking lot and jumped out of the truck to take a few pictures of the steel. I followed the rest of the family, a bit apprehensive, just in case they didn’t want us that close. Silly me. We walked up to the truck, and saw other people taking pictures.

One of the people driving the semi said, “You can touch it if you want.”

World Trade Center Steel - Exterior Column Panel.  City of Wellington, Florida, Patriot Memorial.  “We will never forget!”After a couple of minutes, the people escorting the truck started walking to their cars, so we walked to the sidewalk across the drive. One of the men walking past, getting ready to drive, stopped and made sure that we had taken enough pictures. We had, so he walked to his car. The car in the back took off to clear the right lane of the highway.As the procession started off again, I felt very humbled with all the thoughts of the people who had died serving this country. If you’ve served in any way, thanks.


World Trade Center Remains

World Trade Center Remains

We can trace our trip's beginnings to this steel.

We can trace our trip's beginnings to this steel.

World Trade Center Remains

World Trade Center Remains

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2 Comments Serendipity and the World Trade Center Procession

  1. Picture of BoyinkBoyinkDecember 05, 2010

    What struck me later, while laying in bed, was that the steel laying on that trailer that we lightly touched is the physical evidence of the beginnings of our trip.  Without 9/11 it’s doubtful that we would be on the adventure we are on - it spit us out of the corporate world and into self-employment which enables us to be so mobile.

    How fitting that life would come full circle like this.

  2. Picture of LarryLarryDecember 07, 2010

    Well said Data!

    How much everyones life has changed since 9/11.  We need to always remember those who died that fateful day.

    When I read about how you felt when you touched that steel, it reminded me of an exhibit I went to that had artifacts from the sinking of the Titanic.  One of them was a boat davit that held one of the lifeboats on the side of the ship.  It was the only peice that we were allowed to touch.  When I put my hand on it, I immediately thought of who may have been the last person on that ship that touched that same spot, and of all the anxiety they must have felt at that time.  It brought a tear to my eyes…

    Hope you continue to encounter things as these on the rest of your journey!

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