Six Signs You Were Born and Raised in an RV

There are several hundred people who live on the road in a trailer/airstream/bus/fifth-wheel. A lot of these families started out young and had more children on the road. Although I was not born in an RV, I was raised in one. I’m sure people like me can relate to this can of worms.

  1. You have trouble figuring out how to flush the toilet in a public restroom.
    Nearly all RVs have a foot-flush for their toilets. Several times I have found myself pumping my foot for no reason in public restrooms, thinking that everybody has foot-flush toilets. I am still trying to learn that this is clearly not the case.
  2. You have trouble figuring out how to open the trash can.
    This is pretty much the same thing as the toilet problem, except the problem is the trash can. Most RVers, including us, have a foot-operated trash can. We once had a meal with our friends, and I went to scrape off my plate in their trash can, when I realized that I was going to need one hand to hold open the trash can, one hand to hold the plate, and one hand to scrape off the plate. I’m like normal people, and I only have two hands. So I stood on one foot so I could use the other foot to hold open the trash can and my two hands could scrape off the plate.
  3. You are in awe of families that have washers and dryers in their home.
    As an RVer, we do not have a washer or a dryer in the rig. So, since we do not like to wash our clothes by hand, we go to a laundry mat to do our laundry. There was one time we were visiting family, and I went into their bathroom, which is also the laundry room. I had to think for a moment before figuring out that the big white box in the back of the room was actually a washer. And then there was the quick moment of “Whoa, they have a laundry mat in their HOUSE?” before I remembered “Oh wait, that’s normal.”
  4. Going up a normal flight of stairs is tiring for you.
    The ‘staircase’ in our RV are the three stairs that lead into our trailer. The only other set of stairs in the rig are the three that lead up to the master bedroom. That’s it. We went to visit our friends that live in a townhouse, and I had to pause halfway up their staircase to catch my breath before finishing the climb.
  5. You wonder why the amusement park is so busy on a Monday morning.
    We try to hit the big attractions on weekdays. This usually works, but sometimes we don’t understand why there are so many public school-age kids hanging around. Then we realize “Oh, it’s spring break!” Or winter break, or the first week of summer, or maybe it’s a national holiday we forgot about. Even big holidays, like Christmas, or our own birthdays, sneak up on us.
  6. You go to your car just for some time alone and quiet.
    My brother and I are like most siblings - we squabble. He annoys me, and I annoy him. He tries to get me in trouble by tattling, and so do I (or, at least we did before we grew up a bit). So he or I would go to the car just for some time alone. It’s also really hard to read or concentrate on anything when other people are talking two and a half feet away from you, or there’s music playing.

Those are the six biggest problems that I have after living for five years in an RV. Nevertheless, I enjoy living in my RV, even with the issues it poses.

Useful Foot Pedal on Trash Can

Useful Foot Pedal on Trash Can

4 Comments Six Signs You Were Born and Raised in an RV

  1. Picture of Joel K. Joel K. January 09, 2016

    In response to #2: I guess we should have told you beforehand about how most houses have a thing built into the sink called a garbage disposal that is built specifically for grinding up and disposing of leftover food.

  2. Picture of Miranda Boyink Miranda Boyink January 09, 2016

    Garbage disposal… such big, fancy words! Sounds like something magical…

  3. Picture of Joel K. Joel K. January 09, 2016

    It doesn’t sound very magical while it’s running. Unless you consider several sharp blades spinning around, shredding whatever you scrapped in to it into a pulp to be ‘magical’. :P

  4. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink January 09, 2016

    You just described what’s attached to our septic connection right now…and making that stuff disappear is pretty close to magic.

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