Stranger In A Strange Land

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Robert Heinlein wrote ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ and had it published in 1961. He had tried several times before to write about a man from Mars, but had always quit until he wrote what was titled ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’.

‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ is a story about a man named Valentine who is born on Mars and taken care of by aliens. When Valentine reaches adulthood, a spaceship lands on Mars, and he agrees to go back to Earth with the astronauts.

Valentine has never seen a women before, and he finds life on Earth quite different from what he expected. He eventually starts a church where he teaches about the Martians and encourages his followers to explore their mental ability, crossing over into witchcraft, so to speak.

Valentine is eventually killed by people who did not agree with his church, but he appears in spiritual form a couple times before the book ends.

‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ was received very well by fans of science fiction.

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