Suburban Life is a Triangle

Adult suburban life is a triangle.

Work. Shop. Sleep.

Americans average 30 miles a day connecting the dots. We drive almost 11K miles each year carrying on a normal life.

Before Cars

Triangle life is relatively new. Before affordable automobiles there were commuter trains.

In the late 1930’s you could get on a commuter train in Washington DC and go to New York City.

At 90 miles per hour.

Using electricity.

There were streetcars. San Francisco is famous for its streetcar system, but Wikipedia lists hundreds of smaller towns across the country that also had streetcars.

Housing and shopping organized around public transit.

You could pick up that loaf of bread and gallon of milk just outside the train stop on your walk home.

After Cars

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This isn’t a rant against cars. Indeed -  our entire current lifestyle depends on them and the highway system that ultimately killed off America’s use of trains.

It’s a reminder.

Life wasn’t always this way. We didn’t always travel alone. We didn’t always sequester ourselves away in big air-conditioned, internet-connected homes, needing media to be “social”.

We didn’t always live in triangles.


And you don’t have to now.

Even if life on the road or water isn’t your thing, there are places to create a life that doesn’t require 30 miles of driving each day.

Efforts like New Urbanism focus on:

...walkable blocks and streets, housing and shopping in close proximity, and accessible public spaces. In other words: New Urbanism focuses on human-scaled urban

Some families have moved from the suburbs back to big city apartments in order to get away from triangle living.

As for us, we’ve started consolidating our triangle years ago by starting a business from our house. Since traveling, we’ve been able to further change it by living at the food source.

We’ve done WWOOFing stays for weeks at a time, staying at a goat farm and dairy farm where we’ve learned more about organic farming and making organic products.

Are you ready to change up your triangle?

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2 Comments Suburban Life is a Triangle

  1. Picture of Andrea M ElkinsAndrea M ElkinsMarch 24, 2017

    I love the concept of New Urbanism, and contemplated living in a planned community both before and potentially after our RV adventure. I just think the title is amusing, as it’s not really “new” at all, but a return to small-town America, before highways and WalMarts and urban sprawl separated us from our neighbors.

  2. Picture of Michael BoyinkMichael BoyinkMarch 24, 2017

    Everything old is new again…;) I keep waiting for 80’s hair bands to come back in vogue..;)

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