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Television was first invented in 1927 by a man named Philo Farnsworth. Several tests were sent by television to make sure his contraption really worked. And it did! Inventors and commoners alike were amazed.

The first show to be aired in the U.S. was a pro football game. What a way to celebrate the creation of television, football.

Color appeared on television screens on January 1st in 1954. The first show aired in color was the Rose Bowl Parade. Such amazing colors astounded the people watching.

TV has definitely taken off since then. Now, at the push of a button, we can watch shows ranging from Sesame Street, to Everybody Loves Raymond, to The Sing-off. We have NBC and ABC. In fact, people watch around 4-5 hours of TV everyday. Most families have two TVs in their houses.

I won’t lie. I watch television, too. I love watching The Voice, Once Upon a Time, and The Sing-off.

I don’t watch TV a lot. And I’m glad I don’t. But I am glad that the television was invented so that I can watch it from time to time.

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