‘The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse’ · Book Review

Editor's Note: Loretta reached out to us as DitchingSuburbia had previously reviewed her 'Goodnight Campsite' book. She sent us a copy and we are delighted to review it here as it relates to our lifestyle. • This is Lydia's very first piece of writing published in any format.

‘The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse’ by Loretta Sponsler is a great book for any audience, especially if you are a fan of the original Aesop fable.

It re-tells the story based on the Aesop fable ‘The City Mouse and the Country Mouse’ where Thomas Tent-Mouse and Harvey RV-Mouse both like camping, but in different ways and that's okay.

The story begins with Thomas Tent-Mouse as he is getting ready for his first camping trip of the year. Thomas thinks it would be fun to invite his cousin, Harvey RV-Mouse, to go with him. The two cousins first go camping in a tent, but Harvey doesn't like it much because afraid of what could eat him. Two weeks later they go camping in Harvey's RV, but Thomas does not enjoy it because he feels that he is not connected to nature and that he has never left home.

I really enjoyed this story especially since I have experienced much of what they were going through. For example, I have gone camping in a tent, felt really close to nature, have experienced a storm at night, and have even gotten wet from a hole in the tent. I have also experienced RV camping which is much different and I can honestly not say which I enjoy better. I think that it is a great book for young children, and they will enjoy the wonderful drawings and the easy to understand words.

As a kid living in an RV, I enjoyed this story and think that anyone will - especially if you have gone camping in either of these two ways.

Editor's Note: There is a Kindle version of this book (and it's available for free if you have Kindle Unlimited). You can also pick up a physical copy (Lydia is holding ours in the below photo) on Amazon too. ALSO - There is a GREAT online discussion guide that accompanies the book, for younger children (K-1).

Girl holding book 'The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse' in front of an RV

Lydia holding'The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse'.

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