The Journey of a 1000 Miles

Begins by purging records.

One problem that comes from both having a basement and ready access to low-cost file storage (W. MI being home to 3 major office furniture companies) is that we’ve kept records.

A lot of records.

College transcripts and papers.  Check stubs from jobs so old the companies haven’t been around for 10 years.  Receipts for stuff I hardly remember buying.

It’s just been easier to store it out of the way down in the basement than deal with it.

However - with deciding to take our trip we want to leave as little stuff in the house as possible while we’re gone - especially potentially sensitive records.  So - tonight we began the long and tedious process of purging the paper.  While at first I thought we would shred it all ourselves, 5 minutes into the job our little lightweight paper shredder decided it’d had quite enough, thank you - so next week I’ll look into dropping off our purged pile at a shredding service.

In the meantime, my kids are having fun reading my attempts at fiction and poetry back in college….

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