The Keys from Florida

It’s launch day for another family selling it off and hitting the road! Mike and JorDanee and their girls Alexandra and Cassandra (not yet born in this photo) are from Florida and have traded the suburbs for a nice shiny Aistream.

A few months ago we interviewed the Keys for Ditching Suburbia. Here’s a bit of that interview:

Q: Do you remember what made you decide to hit the road?

In 2012, Mike and I took a 6,000 mile trip in our Adventure Mobile. We went to Utah, Colorado and Arizona. I fell in love with Red Rock, the Rockies, and the outdoors.

I realized that home is wherever Mike and I are.

From then on, we looked for ways we could travel fulltime. It solidified when Alex came along and we said, “We have to do this now. there’s no more putting it off.”

Q: Are you leaving the American Dream behind?

I don’t think we’re leaving the American Dream. I think we’re pursuing the American Dream.

We’re tired of being trapped with payments and utility bills and taxes. Going to the same grocery store, the same farmer’s market, seeing the same people. There’s nothing new. There’s nothing exciting.

We want adventure. We want a taste of something new every morning. That’s our American Dream.

Q: Are you pre-planners or throw caution to the wind types?

We’ve got kind of a plan, but we’re flexible with it because you never know exactly what’s going to happen.

Q: Are you worried about finding community while on the road?

That’s why we bought the Airstream - there is such an owner community. We’ve gotten to know some of them online and we feel comfortable getting out there and meeting them.

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You can follow the Keys on Instagram - they have his and hers accounts.

You can also read their blog at

What’s Your American Dream?

If you haven’t yet Ditched the Suburbs - how is that American Dream thing working for you? Are you fulfilled - or feeling cheated?


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