The King and I

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‘The King and I’

‘The King and I’ is a 1956 film written by Ernest Lehman and directed by Walter Lang. It was originally based on the 1944 novel written by Margaret Landon titled ‘Anne and the King of Siam’.

In the film, a widow named Anna Leonowens and her small child journey to Siam to teach the children of the conceited King Mongkut. King Mongkut at first does not like having Anna around and calls her difficult, but she does not shrink in his presence and persists at her teaching job. Eventually, the king and Anna come to terms and learn to respect each other.

The film stars Deborah Kerr as Anna, and Yul Brynner as King Mongkut.

The most popular song in ‘The King and I’ is ‘Getting to Know You’, closely followed by ‘Shall We Dance?’. It was later covered by several artists, including Julie Andrews and Bing Crosby.

The tune for the song ‘Getting to Know You’ was originally going to be used as the tune for a song in South Pacific, but was shut away when a better song, ‘I’m in Love with a Wonderful Guy’, showed up.

After watching ‘The King and I’, my personal opinion is, besides the fact that the King died at the end, that it is a very good, entertaining movie.

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