The One Month To Go To-do List

We’re about one month out from our target launch date of September 20th, so I thought I would share our current to-do list.  If you are considering a similar adventure this will give you an idea of what to expect as you come closer to leaving.


  • House, truck and trailer insurance
  • Accountant
  • Orthodontist
  • Post Office - forwarding of mail
  • Haircut for MsBoyink
  • Meetup with MsBoyink’s best friend
  • Schedule bathroom repair with tile guy
  • Eye exam for Data


  • Go through Boyinks current wardrobe
  • Donate outgrown clothes
  • Go through MsBoyink’s current wardrobe

Other Stuff to Buy

  • Family radios
  • Bike: MsBoyink
  • Kitchen: Sharp Knives
  • Kitchen: New food storage containers
  • Portable wash machine
  • Keyboard for Miranda
  • 4-cup coffee pot
  • George Foreman grille
  • Electric frying pan
  • Travel iron/mini ironing board?
  • Vacuum cleaner filter OR new vacuum


  • Figure rough 3 month itinerary
  • Complete revision of EE class for EE 2
  • Factor StartupWeekends and Barcamps into route
  • Followup on scheduling classes
  • Sponsorship paperwork
  • Get first meetups figured out and scheduled
  • Choose and sign up for an online backup solution
  • Order microphone and tripod for iPhone4

Trailer Needs

  • Roof Caulking dressed up
  • Kingpin box painted
  • Check H20 pump operation on 12v
  • Change single 12v battery for dual 6v
  • Travel bag for bikes
  • Purchase and install Internet infrastructure
  • Get a desk setup figured out
  • Convert step to storage
  • Get tires inspected and probably replaced
  • Check into new mattresses
  • Figure out replacement furniture for couch and dinette
  • Decals for rear of trailer with URL
  • Find a wall-mount guitar holder
  • Replace electric heating element in hot water heater
  • Get copies of keys made
  • Investigate burglar alarm
  • Buy additional plastic storage drawers for kids


  • Receiver hitch painted
  • Buy and install towing mirrors
  • Find a used bed cover
  • Buy locks for 5th wheel hitch
  • Buy keyless entry fob
  • Decal requirements figured out

All of this in addition to a weekend camping trip with family, and Boyink teaching another 4-day class here in Holland before we leave. 

This will all be worthwhile, right?

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