Trading Spaces Begins

The nasty heat and humidity is back for a couple of days here in West Michigan, so we’re trying to split up our days with trailer project work in the early AM, and then moving indoors with business related stuff for the afternoon/early evening. 

Today’s trailer project was to get the existing couch and dinette out of the main living area.

RV furniture isn’t constructed to the same standards as residential furniture, and the main purpose of both of these items were to make down into beds so the trailer could be advertised as “Sleeps 8”.

Yea, if you’re a roaming tribe of camping midgets. 

We don’t need the extra sleeping space and would really prefer a more comfortable place for us all to sit (especially if the weather isn’t favorable outside).  The dinette table is freestanding & collapseable so we’ll pack that along, but otherwise the existing furniture just doesn’t work for us.

So with an hour and a half or so of work the couch and dinette were in the driveway. 

And yes, I was having flashbacks to a few years ago when we re-did The Disastermobile where the front yard had a similar scene:

Anyway, with the RV furniture out we have a decent space to work with:

We’re still figuring out the details but it looks like for seating we’ll be re-using a couple pieces from our house.  We’ve had 2 Chadwick Sectional Sofa pieces since pre-kids and they are still holding up fine.  They could stand a good cleaning and possible re-covering but will work well because they be used together as a loveseat or apart as chairs.  Either way we’ll leave them freestanding so they can flip around to view out the window.

To those pieces we’ll add two Poang Chairs from Ikea as they are both comfortable and reasonably-priced:

We’re still figuring out some storage (to replace what we lost by removing the dinette) and some smaller tables for working/schooling/eating.  Stay tuned.

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