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Over the past few weeks we’ve had the opportunity to meet with a few families that are working toward their version of hitting the road in an RV. We’ve asked questions, answered questions, and shared some of our traveling experiences.

One topic talked about was the use of travel apps. There are several apps we’ve downloaded over the past couple of years. Some we use very regularly and others more sporadically. There are also a couple that I don’t think we’ve ever used, even though the app seemed pretty cool at one time.

Our Travel Apps:

  • Camp & RV
    This probably the travel app I use the most when we are moving. The app shows state parks, private parks, highway rest areas, county parks, RV centers, Walmarts, Costcos, Sam’s Clubs, Cabellas, low clearance bridges, and some truck stops and gas stations.
  • Campwhere
    This app focuses on public/government parks—national, state, county, city.
  • RV Parks (
    I’ve used this app a few times to check on campground reviews. It’s okay. I prefer looking at reviews on on my laptop because it’s been around for a while and has lots of reviews. I think is relatively new and doesn’t have as many reviews. Maybe we should be adding our reviews to the new site, too.
  • Passport America
    When we started our travels three years ago, we purchased a one year membership to Passport America. It didn’t take long before the membership paid for itself. The app took me a little while to “like” but it’s been useful.
  • State Lines
    This app was created by our friends, the Technomads. This app lists state specific information. For example: sales taxes, motorcycle laws, cell/texting bans, leash laws, speed limits, left-turn on red, rest area overnight rules, and much more. It’s a great app.
  • Fuel Finder
    We’ve used this app a few times. Because our previous traveling hasn’t taken us too far from the interstate, we haven’t had many issues in finding gas. And, since our truck tank is on the small side, we haven’t felt the need to drive much out of our way to save a few cents. The few times we’ve actually used this app, though, we were really glad to have it (driving west Texas, for example).

Our Exploring Apps:

  • Roadside America
    “Your Guide to Offbeat Tourist Attractions” I don’t know that our life would be as complete if we hadn’t stopped at Wall Drug, walked through the grounds of Tinkertown, or posed at the base of the World’s Largest Cherry Pie Pan. I like to use this app when I know we have a clear destination, but not necessarily a definite route.
  • Geocaching
    When the kids were young, our family enjoyed geocaching—we even set up our own cache in a Holland park. While living in Michigan we found that geocaching helped us to discover new-to-us parks. When we began traveling we downloaded this app, thinking we’d use it for exploring. We have only used this app a handful of times in the years we’ve been on the road.
  • SkyView
    This is a great app out for out West- sitting around a campfire, wondering which planet is illuminated that night.
  • History Here
    Haven’t used this app much yet, but it seems like a good one to have for our continuing learning style.
  • RoadAhead
    We’ve only tried this a few times, but I don’t remember if we’ve ever followed the suggestions.
  • Meetup
    This is used primarily for business meet-ups.
  • Great Clips
    Need a haircut? Great Clips is everywhere and this app will help you find them. Of course, not all locations provide a good cut! I think we quit using this app after we all received bad cuts in Mesa, AZ.
  • AroundMe
    An app suggested to us. We haven’t really used it yet, so I can’t really report our results, yet.

Our Shopping Apps:

  • Yelp
    Used primarily to see what restaurants and stores are near us.
  • CardStar
    I was so thrilled when our stores back home quit using grocery store cards. Unfortunately, the grocery card “game” returned there, just like everywhere else. I have cards for Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, Spartan, etc. My wallet was so thick from these cards, it was ridiculous. Mike found this app. Now, when we shop, we just hand the phone to the checker, the proper barcode is swiped, and we receive the discounted prices.
  • Redbox
    We have a DVD collection. But, after traveling this long, I can recite most of the movies we have. So, once in a while, when we just want to veg as a family, we use this app to find the closest Redbox.

So, there you have it; the apps we’ve used over the past couple of years. Do you use other apps that we should consider?


We don't use all of these alot, but just ways to find things of interest whereever you are.

We don't use all of these alot, but just ways to find things of interest whereever you are.

Yelp for restaurant reviews, Cardstar for storing grocery store points cards, Redbox for movies

Yelp for restaurant reviews, Cardstar for storing grocery store points cards, Redbox for movies

Find wi-fi sources or check for cell coverage

Find wi-fi sources or check for cell coverage

7 Comments Travel Apps

  1. Picture of Denise Carman Denise Carman November 11, 2013

    Hi Boyinks,
    I have been following your blog for about 5 months now as we (my husband Dave and 12 yr. old daughter Te’a and myself) have been going through the process of selling our home and posessions to go Fifth Wheel Rving full time. We home school our daughter. She is the baby of a blended family, and has 6 siblings who are all adults now. We just sold our house and closing is scheduled for December 1st. We are buying our Fifth Wheel right now and we are down to the last of our preparations to go on the road the first week of December. I am really appreciating all of the helpful hints that I am gleaning from your blog. It is especially easy to relate to your family because of the way you have worked out travel, homeschool, and career. We hope that at some point in our travels that we get an opportunity to meet you. Thanks againg for all of the information, opinions, and techniques that you have shared.

  2. Picture of Troy Troy November 11, 2013

    +1 for Allstays Camp and RV. This $10 app is worth at least twice that. I like to use it to plan our routes, especially since we hit the West (lots of mountain grades). 

    What about Gasbuddy?

  3. Picture of Boyink Boyink November 12, 2013

    Hi Denise - thanks for commenting and we’re glad our site has been helpful. Where are you guys launching from?

    Troy - FuelFinder is essentially the same as GasBuddy.

  4. Picture of Denise Carman Denise Carman November 13, 2013

    Hi Mike,

    We are planning to leave from Caldwell Idaho on the 2nd of December. We head to Colorado to pick up our 5th wheel. From there the plan is to head to Texas to winter there.

    We don’t know where to stay. Do you know of a good park in Texas that is close to the coast and is warm all winter?

    I purchased the All Stays app yesterday. Do you know of a tutorial for that app. I am having trouble figuring it out. I downloaded it onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


  5. Picture of Boyink Boyink November 13, 2013

    Sorry - we haven’t stayed on the coast in TX to know anywhere.

    On the app - we just hit the button to center it on where we are at (or search for where we are going) and then explore the pins that show up around us to find camping.

  6. Picture of David Thomas David Thomas December 04, 2013

    Excellent apps to use!  Be aware that when you look up cardstar, they did an update that seems to have upset a lot of people.  Have you noticed any difficulties with it?  For your dvds, have you thought of ripping and storing your movies on an external drive?  We faced the same issue, and decided on that so we don’t have to store the dvds (we are lucky in that we can ship our bought and ripped dvds to my parents for storage).

  7. Picture of Boyink Boyink December 05, 2013

    Haven’t noticed an issue with CardStar but we don’t use it every day either.

    On DVD’s - were it up to me (Mike) we wouldn’t be carrying any. I don’t want to own any music or movies anymore. I had converted our decently-sized CD collection to digital and then found I had to worry about backups, DRM, and the hassle of still having to own and store the physical versions.

    The boy wanted the new Dr. Who movie the other day and I was about to throw my laptop across the room trying to buy it from iTunes. Passwords, password reminder questions, too many “approved hardware devices” - ((*^&(*^&(*^!!

    I’m tired of media owning me. I was happy to donate our CD collection, kill the computer I had it digitized on, and just subscribe to Pandora.

    Same for movies - I want to rent one when I want one and not own it in any other way. I don’t tend to want to watch the same movie twice anyway.

    Other family members do though so we are carrying a small collection with us - but they are easily stored in a binder once the cases are tossed.

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