Trying to Leave Michigan

We spent our final two Michigan nights back at Markin Glen in Kalamazoo to spend time with my family. We enjoyed a High School football game with my sister’s family and parents (unfortunately, the band did not perform that night due to the rain, so we didn’t get to see my niece in the color guard) and we spent time with my parents around a campfire and around their dinner table for a meal.

It was a good visit, and it was a bit difficult to say goodbye. But, the four of us are eager to return to traveling and new adventures.

Well, today’s return to the road was not quite the adventure we were planning.

  • We opted to not get up and leave as early as originally planned.
  • I hitched up the truck to the trailer for the first time—I felt I was finally ready to give this a try ;)  And, I did it well, if I do say so myself. Editors note: this significant event was captured on video and is attached below
  • We were on the highway, all of 15 minutes, before a driver flagged us down to let us know our sewer hose was dragging from the back bumper
  • We were flagged down by drivers about an hour later because we blew a trailer tire. Thankfully, the tire was on the grass side of the trailer. I guess we should have put new tires on the trailer last week when we put new ones on the truck.
  • I didn’t want to follow our GPS’s suggestion to drive through Chicago on I-90, so we paid the tolls and headed northward on I-294. The toll road was under construction—it was AWFUL! We haven’t been bounced around like that for a long time, if ever. Plus, I couldn’t stand the idea of paying large tolls for such a crappy road!
  • We stopped for a late lunch (Chipotles) and gas ($4.39/gallon—the highest we’ve EVER paid for gas)
  • We finally made it to our campground and, while setting up, Mike caught his side on the corner of the door and ended up with a 3” gash.

So, this evening we are taking it easy—eating a meal sent along with us by my mom, watching Lost In Space on Hulu (the wi-fi here is actually quite good), and looking forward to a shower and an early bedtime. It’s been A Day, and I’m looking forward to a less adventurous one tomorrow

First Flat!

First Flat!

Instagrammed Kalamazoo

Instagrammed Kalamazoo

Campfire with Family

Campfire with Family

Campfire with family

Campfire with family

Kids convert Monopoly to something baseball-related.

Kids convert Monopoly to something baseball-related.

MsBoyink hitches!

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2 Comments Trying to Leave Michigan

  1. Picture of BoyinkBoyinkSeptember 10, 2012

    This flat tire ruins my 29-year streak of no flat tires while driving on the road (had a couple while Jeeping but that’s a different thing).

    I wasn’t happy with the amount of traffic out with us on a Sunday morning but as it turns out that means a lot of eyes to notice things like tires blowing - good thing since I didn’t feel it from the truck. Thanks to people who take the time to honk/point, etc.

    Thanks to the other pickup driver that figured out what was going on and blocked traffic enough to let us get over to the shoulder.

    I’ve seen photos of other peoples flat-tire events and have seen the loose tire pieces take off major portions of the trailer, so was glad that ours didn’t do that.

    The new but untested jack worked.

    The onboard air compressor again comes in handy since the spare wasn’t at full pressure.

    And I’m glad we had a spare truck key in the trailer to get back into the inadvertently-locked-with-keys-in-it truck once the tire change was complete.

    The tire separated all along where the sidewall meets the tread, so have learned that while the tread may look good it’s still a good idea to buy new tires after so many miles on them.

  2. Picture of BrentBrentSeptember 10, 2012

    Ouch, rough day on the road but I’m sure it will smooth out from here

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