Is Traveling Fulltime an Unstable Way to Raise a Family?

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“You’ve had an unstable life.”

A supervisor said that to one of our kids recently.

An unstable life.

In a physical sense she was right. RVs do shake and shimmy. We call it the “youthquake”.

But that’s not what she meant.

We weren’t there to hear the comment directly. We gather it was a comment about our family life. That by traveling fulltime we had created an “unstable environment” to raise kids in.

It’s not uncommon. People who live in a stationary fashion often say things like this to people who are nomadic. Or thinking about becoming nomadic.

Where does a family find stability?

A house?

Do cement, brick and mortar house foundations create a stable family life for the people that live on top of them?  If that were the case we’d see far fewer cases of suburban divorce, abuse, addiction and suicide.

A college degree?

Does having an education ensure a stable family life? It’s not hard to find parents who are college graduates struggling to get by, under water on their education.

A secure job?

Is that even a thing any more? I once had a corporate job that common sense said should have lasted until retirement. Then some men flew a plane into a building in New York and it went away.

Where does a family find stability?

The answer is in the question.

Our kids have parents that are still married after 26 years. I have worked from home since they were 4 and 5 years old. We homeschooled always. Most days it was all of us in the house together.

Traveling fulltime added layers to the family foundation.


  • Negotiated new places together.
  • Discovered new foods together.
  • Explored beaches, deserts, and mountains together.
  • Encountered and interacted with different types of people together.
  • Learned a ton about our country and its history together.
  • And yes, endured tough times together. Breakdowns. Tight finances. Stressful jobs. Quarrels.

But together.

Always together.

Stability doesn’t come from a pile of lumber and bricks. Or from a life that keeps you in one place for years.

Stability comes from the family.

2 Comments Is Traveling Fulltime an Unstable Way to Raise a Family?

  1. Picture of Katie Katie August 02, 2017

    Well said! Kudos to you for having your own life and not living to pay for someone else’s. Wish I’d have thought of it sooner!

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