Updated Blogroll of Families Who RV Fulltime.

One of our goals on Ditching Suburbia is to be a good resource to other families who want to live a life not constrained by the suburbs. We really try to help common families create uncommon lives. If you have just come across this idea or are thinking about a life outside of the suburbs, how will you know where to start?

Cue the Blogroll.

When we first discovered the idea, we found the best place to start was by reading what others who do it have to say. This meant finding blogs to read. There are other resources, (YouTube, Podcasts, Instagram, etc.) but often we found that reading printed text was easier and more long lasting research than combing through hours of all the video, picture and audio that's online. Sometimes a good blog is what you need.

The preparation stage pulled us to all types of resources, including this list of Fulltime RVing Families found on Ditching Suburbia. It was quite useful to look at what set-ups other families had. And it is fun to look at where other RVers have traveled and to dream of doing the same.

Finding these other families and their how-to's, resources, and motivation was a huge help to us finally ditching the suburbs. This prep time was when we stumbled on this site (before we took ownership of it) and we found answers to what type of RV would work for our large family? What RV is better for full time living? What tools and supplies would we need? How would our kids feel about life as full-time travelers? And what in the world is a black tank?

Why should you check out our list?

You might be researching this lifestyle, looking for new friends, trying to get a bit of inspiration on great places to travel in your RV or you might want some tips on how to decorate your new rig. Maybe you want to check out what this lifestyle is like because you have a family member who is living in an RV.

The reality is, there are many families who live in RVs. Many of these families want to help others by inspiring them and showing what this life is really like. Our hope in keeping this list is to point others to these families with great content. We have our own perspective on this lifestyle - but it's unique to us. We know what works for our family, but I still learn so much from others living like this, and you could too.

Our list of Fulltime RVing Families is a list of actively blogging fulltime RVing families. This means a family of at least one parent and one child on the road fulltime. To be considered active, the latest blog post can be no older than from 4-6 months ago.

Much like our recent update to the Apps for RVers page, this blogroll needed some updating. We went through each blog that was on the list, took some out that redirect to unrelated sites, categorized them as active or inactive, and added a few more that we are aware of. That's the point of this post, to tell you it's out there, we are actively monitoring it, and hopefully you find value in it.

Let’s be real, blogging is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together a blog post. We want to highlight the blogs of families currently on the road who are taking the time between raising children to create new content. Traveling with children and creating content when they are being 'needy' in the background is very different from other RV blogs and the content has a different spin from priorities, to finances, to activities.

Visiting the blogs on this list is a great way we can show support to these families and hopefully send traffic and google search authority to them. It's a nice way to help them, it's nice for us RVers to keep up on each other, and also help those who are researching as we once were. We want our list to be current and full of families living a life on the road.

Do have a blog we can add to this list? Leave us a comment or send us an email and we can add it!

- Tabitha

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