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Poliomyelitis, or more commonly known as polio, is a deadly disease caused by a virus. It’s vaccine was discovered in 1952, by a man by the name of Jonas Salk, who was a student at the University of Michigan and later a professor at the University of Pittsburgh. He studied viruses at Pittsburgh, and that is where he discovered the polio vaccine.

As news got out, via Dr. Thomas Francis Jr., millions of people volunteered their children to test the polio vaccine on.

After discovering and developing the polio vaccine, Dr. Jonas Salk wanted to build a university for biological studies. This is why we now have Salk University in San Diego, CA.

Another professor, by the name of Albert Sabin, also developed a polio vaccine five years after Salk’s vaccine. However, Sabin’s could be taken by mouth, rather then injected into the body.

Jonas Salk died in 1995, but NOT from polio. Thankfully, his vaccine has helped numerous people across the world.

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